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New Spin Project: Web Commercial Featuring a 3D Lemon & a Roman Column?
Apr 2013 11

Spin Creative has started project work on a 30-second web commercial for new client SPARCS (Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science).

The web commercial concept will be created entirely in 3D and features a lemon and a Roman column. We’ve included an early preview of renderings of 3D models that will be in the commerical. Why a lemon and a Roman column you ask? Stay tuned to find out when the commercial releases in the next few weeks.

The commercial will be used to promote SPARCS – a 3-day international conference on dog behavior starting June 28th at the Marriott in Redmond, WA. The SPARCS conference will feature eight prominent researchers in the field of canine science. Topics will include: “Origins in the Wild” on Friday, June 28th, “Social Behavior & Emotions” on Saturday, June 29th and “Cognition + Development” on Sunday, June 30th.

To find more details about the society and their inaugural international conference on dog behavior, visit the SPARCS website.

3D lemons created by Spin Creative for a web commercial project for SPARCS.

3D Roman column created by Spin Creative for web commercial project for SPARCS.