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New Nielsen Research Suggests Video Marketing Best Way to Reach Millennials
Oct 2014 21

Brands are increasingly looking to reach out to Millennials and get them engaged, but it’s proved difficult. Millennials are watching less television than older generations, opting instead for services like Netflix and other digital streaming services, which takes away a major traditional marketing avenue.

However, video marketing online seems to have been proven to be the best way to get in touch with the younger generation. According to recent research by Nielsen, people between the ages of 18 and 34 are watching 53 percent more online video today than they were in 2013. The average Millennial is watching approximately 35 minutes of online video per day, spread out between Netflix, YouTube, advertisements and other sources.

Nielsen says that the growth of computers and mobile devices in people’s daily lives has led to a major spike in the popularity of digital video. Millennials also seem to have a different approach to advertising than previous generations. They are more likely to give their loyalty to brands that attempt to create an actual relationship with their consumers. However, they are extremely savvy about marketing, and are unlikely to respond well to obvious marketing ploys. They appreciate genuine marketing messages and are very quickly turned off by unsophisticated attempts at gaining publicity.

Video has become the best way to reach out to Millennials and create a better customer experience while strengthening the business-consumer relationship. Millennials are more likely to share video than most other types of online content, and brands that are using digital videos are much more likely to see increases in web traffic and customer loyalty.

So for those brands looking for ways to engage the younger generation, the answer may lie in video marketing, so long as you make a concentrated effort to keep your messages genuine and you work to give them the best possible experience. Once you have made the choice to engage in digital video marketing, it’s extremely important that you do it well, as Millennials are very much keyed in to marketing strategies online.

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