More Product Introduction Fun! | Spin Creative
More Product Introduction Fun!
Oct 2011 28

Spin Creative has just wrapped principal photography on a new product introduction concept piece featuring Ninja assassins attacking a largely unflappable maintenance worker. The concept by creative powerhouse Hodgson/Meyers is a wonderfully entertaining action comedy web spot intended to propel their clients’ new product to instant and widespread acceptance. Spin is now working with the footage captured on the Red Epic camera system provided by Absolute Technology. The post-production effort will involve assembling intense fight scenes, special visual effects and a custom soundtrack. You can now see the finished piece here.

The photo above shows only a small portion of the production team (L to R): Michael (grip), Ronnie (1st AC), Sunshine (DIT), George (talent), Kim (1st AD), Matthew (director), Gary (Hodgson/Meyers). Photo by Scott Gwin.