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Mobile Chat Could Be the Next Big Trend for Brands
Apr 2015 16

We’ve already seen the popularity that messenger apps have on mobile devices. Facebook Messenger has more than 600 million unique users and is growing at a faster rate than its main app. Other apps, like Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp and more have a combined three billion users.

With so many people on messaging apps, you’d think that more brands would be using these apps to communicate with their customers. While a few have started to take advantage of those apps, there’s still plenty of room for companies to engage in customer service and marketing through these apps.

Here are some strategies that companies could choose to use when using marketing apps:

  • Use personalized content. Messenger apps are very personal in their nature, which means that all messages sent by brands need to have more personalized content, even more so than push notifications sent out by apps. This means you can’t treat chat like you would an email inbox. Instead, you need to send relevant, personalized information that the user will actually be interested in.
  • Cut down response times. People using messaging apps expect fairly quick responses. The longer the lag before you respond to a message, the more your customers will become disinterested. Use artificial intelligence to respond to simple questions if necessary, but better yet, try to have a real person handle inquiries and conversations in real time.
  • Take a variety of factors into account. The time of day, the location of the user, the day of the week, weather conditions and more could all play a role in the kinds of messages and product recommendations that you send out to your customers.
  • Use it for a variety of purposes. Messaging apps don’t just have to be used for advertising. You can use them for customer service, to engage in customer surveys and more. There’s plenty of room for creativity.


Are there any ways that your brand could leverage mobile chat to get closer with your customers? Consider these possible strategies and learn more about the ways that you can use messaging apps.

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