Microsoft “IT Job Interview Gone Wrong” Viral Video | Spin Creative

Nov 2010 15

Spin created and produced a series of “hidden camera” viral videos about Microsoft Certification, titled “IT Job Interview Gone Wrong.” The concept was to create buzz-worthy videos that show the exaggerated incompetence of IT candidates (non certified) going through a job interview with an IT hiring manager. The hiring manager’s visibly mounting frustration adds to the comedic effect.

Our approach was to write a script with a comedic framework and include hot-button issues that IT Hiring Managers often face with new-hire candidates. We also cast skilled improv actors who could take the script and embellish as we were shooting. And embellish they did! We captured tons of material (more than we could use) and there were some hysterical laugh-out-loud moments while we were shooting.

We shot 4 cameras continuously during each take and used several small-footprint cameras to capture “hidden camera” angles. During each take director and clients were in a remote “video village” watching the semi-scripted and impromptu action unfold. Walkies were used by the director to give feedback to the actors in real time during the scenes.

Produced by: Spin Creative. Director/Scriptwriter: Matthew Billings