Microsoft “It’s How They Know You Know” Promo Video | Spin Creative
Feb 2011 03

The goal with this piece was to feature three actual college students who give compelling testimonials about the benefits of getting Microsoft Certified in a tough job market. We wanted to shoot interviews with our heroes in an environment that would convey the energy of a bustling college campus, but knew we couldn’t travel to each of the students’ campuses.

We scouted and found a college campus in the Seattle area that had a lively and active student common area and we used this as shallow-focus backdrop for each of our three student interviews. We shot the interviews with each student looking directly in lens during interview making a strong connection with the viewer. We also captured simple, yet nicely-crafted b-roll footage of the students in and around campus and in the classroom. We added some stylized color correction and animated light-leaks to the edit to create energy and a filmic effect.

The final result is an eye-catching snapshot of how Microsoft Certification can be a valuable tool for students entering the job market.

Produced by: Spin Creative. Director/DP: Matthew Billings.