“Make Noise, Get Noticed” Music Video | Spin Creative
May 2011 15

The Spin Creative team produced, shot and edited a music video for our friends at ad agency Hodgson/Meyers titled “Make Noise, Get Noticed.” The concept developed by the Hodgson/Meyers team, revolves around a local band (“Spike and the Noisemakers”) singing about the agency’s mascot “Spike” (a woodpecker) and the key brand messaging of the agency (i.e., “Make Noise, Get Noticed”). The video is used as a fun way for Hodgson/Meyers to talk to clients and their community.

We shot the project over a series of months starting back in December of 2010 and captured footage of the band in several locations. The band performance at the “Last Supper Club” in Pioneer Square was part of a live performance that we captured shooting 6 cameras. We had a blast working on this project.

Rock on Spike!