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Looking Back at Digital Marketing in 2014
Dec 2014 15

In January, we published a blog post called “Why Digital Video Marketing will Grow in Importance in 2014.” At the time, we were coming off a year in 2013 that had seen some of the biggest leaps and bounds in video marketing popularity and effectiveness and some tremendous new innovation in video marketing.

In that post, we mentioned that there would likely be new innovations in terms of social video, YouTube and Vimeo, SEO and mobile video marketing that would shake up the industry in 2014. With the year about to draw to a close, let’s take a look back at those areas and see whether we were right:

  • Social video. Vine and Instagram have definitely been huge for advertisers this year, particularly Instagram, which has become a favorite social media application for Millennials. But nobody could have predicted the tremendous rise of Snapchat throughout the year. In the early parts of 2014 the use of the app exploded and has remained consistent throughout this year. Now it has introduced promoted videos, and more brands are starting to take to the platform to spread their message. Overall, it’s clear that social networks and apps are starting to use video in more creative ways that are beneficial for advertisers.


  • YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube remains the largest search engine for videos on the internet. However, some executives are saying it might no longer be the very best video marketing tool for brands. Facebook has made such tremendous strides this year with its video advertising platforms and analysis metrics that some say it has eclipsed YouTube in terms of effectiveness. Regardless, a well-rounded video marketing campaign will still include both.


  • Search engine optimization. The updates to Google’s algorithms are still continuing to favor websites with rich video content, which means use of video is still an outstanding way to improve SEO on your website.


  • It’s impossible to overemphasize just how much mobile use has exploded within the last couple years, and how important it is that marketers understand how to use it effectively. We predicted in our blog that many video marketers would find new and innovative ways to reach out to mobile users this year and that definitely came true. In 2015, those brands that are not yet gearing their campaign to mobile users will fall behind the curve.


It’s been a remarkable year in the video marketing field, and 2015 is certain to see even more advances. Work with Spin Creative to make sure you’re staying up-to-date with the latest trends!

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