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Live Video Streaming: Should Your Company Get Involved?   
Apr 2015 28

Thanks to a variety of new apps like Periscope and Meerkat, more people are beginning to create their own live video streams. The concept is simple — users log in, get their stream started up and broadcast whatever they are viewing through their smartphone camera to other users of the app across the globe. Additionally, these apps can link up to your Twitter profile to let all of your followers know that you are putting on a live stream.

These types of apps are picking up a lot of momentum among the general public. But should your company look into giving it a shot?

There are definitely plenty of benefits involved with using an app like this. For one, usage is completely free, meaning that you can instantly send live video out to all of your followers without having to pay to set it up. There’s a very low barrier for entry because of this. All you need to do is download and install the app, and then start broadcasting whenever you want.

The potential reach is also a huge benefit. Just imagine how powerful a live, meaningful video broadcast could be with your audience, especially when integrated with your Twitter profile. It’s a whole new way to show the personality of your brand and to possibly give your customers a peek behind the scenes at your business.

Of course, there are certain aspects of live streaming that you’ll want to consider. First, live video streaming when used by a company will never be as simple as just turning on the camera and walking around, giving your customers full access. You need to do some thorough planning of how your live stream will go if you are to partake in it with your company.

There’s also the potential risk of copyright infringement. A couple examples that have been brought up include what happens if you take a live feed from a concert, or from a sports game?

Ultimately, live streaming is a new potential tool that clever entrepreneurs can use to add a fun new way for customers to engage with their company. However, it also should not be taken lightly because of its ease of use. If you get started with it, make sure that you do plenty of planning and research before your live stream launches.

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