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Interactive Storytelling with Facebook Canvas Ads   
Jun 2017 14

One of the newest tools for digital marketers is Facebook Canvas, a type of interactive post or ad specifically designed to stand out in mobile newsfeeds. These posts allow brands to put a whole lot of information into a single canvas space, making them efficient and effective.

Canvases come in a variety of formats and are extremely customizable, allowing you to add various headers, text, video, clickable buttons, images and more. Here are some tips for how you can make the most out of this feature for your advertising needs.


  • Make use of the different components: Not all of your canvas ads should be the same. With how many options you have to customize each ad, you should attempt to change it up as much as possible. Too many brands keep all of their canvas ads in the same format, which eventually will lead to people just skipping over your ad, assuming it’s the same as ones they’ve already seen.


  • Be smart with your first page: Facebook Canvas ads show up one slide at a time, which means the first image people see must be one that will convince them to continue scrolling through to the other slides. The first page should give your users a good idea of why they should care about or be interested in your message. You might consider testing various slides as your first page to determine which one your audience responds to the best.


  • Prioritize visual storytelling: Canvas was specifically designed to be a highly visual means of advertising, which means the images you present must take priority, and any text you use should be concise and clear. Video can be an extremely effective medium, as you can get across a lot of information in just a few seconds, and also makes people more likely to pay attention to your ad.


  • Have a single, clear message: Because of the simplicity of Canvas ads as a format, it is important you make your message clear as well when using them. You can feature products, have short how-to tutorials, tell a brief band story or feature a special, but you shouldn’t attempt to do more than one of these at once.


  • Always have a call to action: Don’t forget the clickable buttons features that are included with Facebook’s Canvas ads. These buttons are very customizable, so you can change the URL, the text and the color. The CTA should always be the last slide in your ad and encourage people to take immediate action.


For more tips about using Facebook Canvas ads effectively as a part of your digital marketing, contact us today at Spin Creative.

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