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In House or Outsourced Video — What’s the Right Choice for My Company?
Jun 2017 20

Many companies with marketing divisions have someone in house who is capable of shooting and editing video for certain types of projects. However, there is a big difference between using mobile phones to shoot quick videos for social media platforms, and using high-tech equipment to create premium brand stories. Ultimately, just because you have some of the tools needed for video marketing at your disposal does not mean you actually have the capability of creating a high-quality, full-scale video marketing campaign in house.

Having someone in-house handle short videos for platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, for example, is perfectly doable for most companies. But when you’re looking for something bigger, it’s typically better to outsource. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Video marketing is about more than creating great videos: You need a team of skilled marketers who are capable of developing a high-quality marketing strategy to go along with your videos. One in-house videographer will have a hard time handling all the tasks associated with the job, including creative, strategy, direction, lighting, editing, distributing and analysis. Only a fully qualified team is able to handle all these tasks at a high level.


  • In house video marketing can be expensive: Finding and building an internal video marketing team can quickly become expensive and time consuming. Rather than worrying about building a team that will mesh well together and that you can afford to pay a full-time salary, instead you can work with a third-party agency as you need it and rest assured that the team has already been built in a way that allows it to produce the best results for its clients.


  • Purchasing video equipment is not a good investment: Because video production equipment is constantly evolving and changing, it is not a particularly good investment for a company to purchase the “latest” tools when they likely will not get a reasonable amount of use out of them. You can trust that a video production company will have all of this equipment and understand how to use it, meaning you get the benefits of that equipment without having to purchase and maintain it.


  • You might not be a natural storyteller: A big part of creating effective videos for your brand is the ability to tell a strong, cohesive story that gets your audience invested in your message. Not everyone has this ability, but an outsourced agency likely has creative types on its team that know exactly how to craft a story for your brand.


For more information about the benefits of using an outsourced agency for your video marketing versus an in-house team, contact us today at Spin Creative.

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