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In-App Video Ads Becoming More Prevalent
May 2014 14

For the past several years, the mobile app market has been skyrocketing in growth. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions of apps available for people all across the world. Yet only recently are marketers really starting to see the advertising possibilities that these apps have to offer.

Consider how often you use the apps on your phone. Chances are, you have several apps that you use on a daily basis, as well as at least several more that you use multiple times per week. What marketers require for success more than anything else is visibility, and these apps offer exactly that. For this reason, in-app ads are the wave of the future in marketing, particularly video marketing.

The rise in app usage extends beyond your standard social media or game apps. According to a recent study done by MAZ Digital, mobile consumers spend significantly more time (40% more) reading content through apps than through mobile browsers. This shows that there is a very large opportunity in a wide variety of apps for marketers to get their message to new consumers.

But how do in-app video ads differ from standard video ads? Here are three defining characteristics:

  • Shorter. Because people are most likely to want to get back to using their app as quickly as possible, video ads on apps are significantly shorter than those you’ll find on regular social media pages or YouTube.


  • Simpler. The shorter length means that marketers must condense their message for maximum effectiveness. There isn’t as much time to tell a brand story; you need to get the facts out there.


  • More grabbing. Because there is significantly less time to present information and make a connection with viewers, the content needs to be much more grabbing, both in the audio and visual sense. It should jump out at the viewer and make them want to continue watching.


We’re still in the early ages of in-app advertising, so over the next couple years this specific format is likely to evolve a lot. But there’s no doubt that it’s a growing field; some estimates say that by 2018, in-app mobile ad spending will get up to $17 billion (it was at about $3.5 billion last year).

We will continue to monitor the evolution of in-app mobile ads, and work with you to introduce your brand to these brand new marketing channels.

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