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How We Spin: Our Advertising Predictions for 2017
Jan 2017 04

With the New Year off and running, we’re officially out of holiday season and entering into the unclaimed fray that is 2017. Despite last year’s memorable moments, we’re thrilled to dive into this fresh chapter with renewed fervor to make this year the best one to-date. Keeping this in mind, we’re looking ahead to these key advertising avenues that are set to explode in the next eleven months:

  1. Consumer personalization becomes data-driven.

From micro-moments to SEO and keywords, advertising aimed at targeting specific consumer bases became mainstream in 2016. As we dive into 2017, these practices will become even more driven by increased data analysis opportunities. More than ever before, advertising will focus less on the individual company and more on providing solutions to tailored consumer needs proven through hard, irrefutable facts.

  1. Collaboration takes center stage.

As digital strategy continues to grow in 2017, so too will the collaborative efforts between brands and agencies looking to make an impact. Operating in a silo will no longer suffice—companies looking for continued success will have to embrace a multi-pronged, multi-teamed effort that can generate actual results in the relentlessly ever-evolving worlds of consumers, marketing, and advertising.

  1. Video converts into a necessary brand strategy.

With studies like Cisco’s predicting over 80% of Internet traffic becoming video-based by 2020 and online video ad spend expecting to grow 31% in this next year alone, brands won’t have the “luxury” of choosing whether or not to invest in video advertising—they’ll have to. From embedded videos in newsletters that dramatically improve open and click through rates to online campaigns that increase brand awareness and consumer conversion, video advertising will become an essential piece to any company’s brand strategy.

  1. Social media shifts into standard practice.

The debate is over—social media is where consumers are and what they rely on for news, information, and reviews. With longtime social giant Facebook receiving more than two-thirds of global social network ad revenue and the continued growth of social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, brands will need an increased focus on social and digital brand strategy in order to compete and convert.

  1. Augmented & virtual reality advertising appears.

Between the success of mobile app PokemonGO and the development of products such as Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, virtual and augmented reality “officially launched” in 2016. Set to expand in 2017, this new technology will bring with it the continued implementation of AR/VR and its concurrent transition into new advertising tactics. With YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat already implementing 360 degrees video ads, the process is already well underway.

While 2016 was the “Year of Video”, we anticipate 2017 to spur the continued growth of current advertising tactics such as data-driven consumer targeting, collaborative company integration, and social media & digital strategy while bolstering the mainstream integration of virtual & augmented realities. We’re calling it now—let’s make 2017 the “Year of Transition”. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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