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How We Spin: 2016 Year in Review
Dec 2016 28

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s hard to believe that 2016 is already on its way out to make room for 2017. And despite the insane year most of us have had outside of the advertising world (we won’t cause any additional pain by rehashing!), the field itself has continued to grow and thrive in many inspirational ways. So as we close the curtain on this final scene of 2016, we’re happy to share with you our main takeaways from this memorable year.

Unveiling the power of brand strategy

With the continued growth of the social and digital sectors, 2016 brought with it continued emphasis on intentional, data-driven, consumer-centric brand strategy. Whether it was the integration of understanding micro-moments to the importance of millennial marketing to the simplification of brand storytelling, this was the year of efficiency, creativity, and strategy.

Reinventing successful video advertising

While the well-honed process of advertising has been around for some time, this year spurred the dramatic growth of video advertising and its integration into every avenue of company marketing and advertising strategy. From social media to television to mobile marketing, video advertising became an essential component to any successful campaign, and did not go unnoticed. Companies were forced to update their current tactics, reinvent their strategy, and capture their audience in less than 5 seconds. Whew!

Expanding programmatic advertising

As programmatic advertising saw huge growth this year, companies simultaneously discovered the true power of harnessing this digital strategy and implementing it into everyday marketing and advertising tactics. With the growth of programmatic also came the unique blending of creative and strategy to generate successful campaigns that delivered effective yet innovative messaging and audience outreach.

Designing inspirational client campaigns

On our end, 2016 provided us with the opportunity to design innovative creative campaigns for a diverse range of clientele. From advertising and video campaigns for ATG and Wave to Treehouse and ProLab Orthotics’ to SMCU and El Centro de la Raza’s “Seattle Original” TV campaign, this year has definitely become one to remember.

Despite all of the changes and developments this year produced, we can’t wait to discover how 2017 will continue to expand on these modifications and challenge the realms of advertising, marketing, and brand strategy. As we sign off on 2016, we wish you all the best this season, and this new year. Cheers!

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