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How Video Marketing Helps SEO
Oct 2014 14

SEO is no longer just about written content.

With the changes that Google has made to its algorithms within the last year, the search engine now rewards companies that utilize its wide range of services. So, for example, companies that have a YouTube presence as well as a Google+ profile are more likely to get better search results, because they have linked their profiles together and are sharing content across multiple Google platforms. One study indicates that web pages with video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google.

Now, when you search for a particular item on Google, you can either use the “video” tab to get a listing of matching video results (the highest ranking ones being YouTube videos) or, depending on the type of search, you might even see the video pop up on the google search itself with a large thumbnail. Therefore, the types of videos you create can have a similar SEO impact to the content you create for your website and the types of keywords you have ranked highly on Google.

Of course, as with your written content and keywords, you still need to do a lot of research into the kinds of videos that your average customer or client is likely to search for in order for it to have a worthwhile impact on your SEO. Using tools like Google Trends, YouTube Trends, Tubular and more, you can find out exactly what types of content your target audience finds most interesting and engaging.

The fact is, videos make people more likely to click on your content. One study by aimClear showed that search results with video attached are 41 percent more likely to be clicked by searchers. The biggest reason for that is that a video thumbnail next to a search result listing is basically an advertisement for a content-rich website. When all other results on a page are text, it makes your search listing stand out quite a bit more.

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