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How to Meet Google’s Mobile Requirements
Feb 2015 08

With billions of users now accessing the web via mobile devices, Google has started to punish websites that do not have mobile-friendly interfaces in its search engine listings. Its new “mobile-friendly” label gives marketers a better idea of how their websites perform for people browsing on mobile devices. This makes it extremely important for marketers to update their websites as soon as possible, as they could lose up to 50 percent on sales if they fail to do so.

Here are four simple ways that you can make your website better optimized for mobile use:

  • Build for the smallest screen. This forces you to work in much more constrained environment. If a website operates well and looks good on even the smallest screens, then it will be easier to make sure it looks good on larger phone screens and tablets as well. Consider what is most important for your customer to see and click, and what are the most important items on your website to make sure you create some sales conversions.


  • Lead with a prominent call to action. “Add to Cart,” for example, should be prominently located on every product page that you have on a mobile device, even before reviews and sales copy. You can also insert a popup to give the option to take people directly to their shopping cart once they’ve added an item. People browsing on mobile devices are in need of easier, quicker ways to shop.


  • Make navigation easier on the user. Mobile users don’t have a mouse to easily navigate a full webpage. Instead, you need to create a more intuitive browsing experience. Include links only to major product or service categories. Reducing the amount of links you have on your homepage will give a much cleaner design. The links that you remove can be located under a collapsible menu to help reduce clutter.


  • Make checkout easy. If people have problems completing a sale on your website, they’re going to get frustrated and not want to use mobile to browse your site again. Decrease the number of fields they have to fill out, or add autofill capabilities. This will decrease the time it takes to complete a transaction and reduce the potential for errors in information like billing or shipping address.


Those are just a few tips for mobile design. For more information on how to design your website in a mobile-friendly way for Google’s algorithms, contact us today at Spin Creative.

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