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How to Improve Your Open Rates in Email Marketing   
Mar 2015 05

For companies that engage in email marketing, it can be a struggle just to get your targets to open their emails at all. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort—there are ways that you can improve your open rates to make sure that people are getting the messages your brand is sending.

Here are a few tips:

Make sure the subject line is engaging. The subject is the first thing that a customer sees. It should be brief, yet enough to draw interest. Additionally, you should try to make it personal and casual. The last thing you want is for your recipient to just assume it’s spam.

  • Write as if it’s only being sent to one person. The recipient should always feel like the message was written specifically for them. Use their name, and the pronouns should always be “you” or “your” rather than ones that would indicate that the message is being sent to a larger audience.


  • Send messages at the right time of day. Timing is everything. Test out a few different times throughout the week to find out when you’re having the most success with click through rates. That will give you a better idea of when you should typically aim to send your messages.


  • Make sure you’re not winding up in the spam filter. There are certain strategies you can use to avoid being filtered out. Refrain from typing anything in all caps, and limit the number of links that you put in a given message.


  • Send from a person. Emails from companies automatically get marked as advertising, whereas emails coming from a specific person within your company are more likely to be opened.


  • Remove inactive subscribers. Review your send list periodically to make sure that you’re getting rid of emails that are either bouncing back or not producing results.


  • Format for mobile. A huge percentage of users are now using mobile devices to open email, so make sure that all messages you send have been formatted for devices of all sizes. A mobile user who opens one message for you and sees that it hasn’t been formatted isn’t likely to open your messages in the future.


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