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How to Get the Most Out of Designing and Sharing Social Video
Jul 2017 15

One of the current top trends in digital marketing is developing videos specifically for social media platforms, keeping in mind how users on each platform engage with video. Because every network has its own unique audience, marketers must make sure their videos are optimized for each channel and encourage users to share them with their friends.

Here are a few tips to help brands get the most out of designing and sharing branded social videos:

  • Make “shareability” a key design element: Before you even begin production work on the video, you should be able to clearly articulate what will make people want to share that video. A great way to do this is to analyze the kinds of videos already being shared by your social media followers. This will give you a great idea of the types of tone and content your target audience is looking for.


  • Create a separate mission for each video platform: Each social media platform has a different audience and different strengths and weaknesses. Your goals, therefore, should differ across each platform as well. The kind of video you create for Snapchat, knowing it has a 24-hour life and a brief allotted time frame, will be much different than the kind of video you create for Facebook, knowing it will last forever and be much easier to share.


  • Always make storytelling a priority: No matter what platform you are on, you should find creative ways to tell a story with every video you make. What is the plot, or the main message you are attempting to deliver? Is there a true beginning, middle and end? Does your video have an emotional impact? These are all important questions to consider. Videos that do not tell any sort of story or have an emotional impact will not land as well with a social media audience.


  • Error on the side of shorter videos: Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat all have shorter caps for their videos. Facebook does not have short video caps, but keep in mind that people are on social media as a way to pass the time and are not going to be likely to sit through a three-minute video. Shorter is almost always better across all social media platforms for videos.


  • Make a quick impression: The first several seconds of a video are what matter the most, according to lots of research performed by marketing gurus. If you are able to hook your audience within the first five to 10 seconds, they are much more likely to watch the rest of the video.


These are just a few strategies to keep in mind to help you find success with video on social media. For more tips and information about building your campaign, contact us at Spin Creative.

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