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How to Deal with a Negative Online Review
Feb 2015 06

It’s a pretty well-known fact that customers are more likely to leave negative reviews online than positive ones. Unfortunately, 88 percent of people in a 2013 survey say that negative reviews will have an affect on their purchasing decisions. This means that bad reviews can really hurt — unless you do something about them.

Simply put, you cannot ignore a bad review. Here are some ways you can properly respond to such a review instead:

  • Collect yourself before responding. The worst way you can respond to a bad review, even worse than not responding it all, is by posting something that comes off as angry or defensive. This is easier said than done, of course — it’s natural for a bad review to make you upset. Take your time and make sure that you are able to write a coherent, sensible response.


  • Recognize that the review is a new marketing opportunity. If someone leaves a review on a site like Google Reviews, Yelp or Facebook, your response will be public as well, meaning it’s a chance to show your customers how you respond to these types of situations. By coming off as the bigger person, you could leave a positive impression on other potential customers looking for information on your company.


  • Own your mistake. Don’t bother trying to convince the customer that left the bad review that they are overreacting or wrong (even if they are). Instead, you can spin the review as being an exception to the norm, and apologize that they had a bad experience. If there is a legitimate complaint in the review, address that issue head-on and explain how you will do better in the future. You can also offer discounts or other incentives for the customer to return. People that read this will see that you are very concerned about your customers’ experience, and it will reflect well on the character of your company.


  • Get over it. You can’t dwell on bad reviews forever. Get back to work, and continue to ask satisfied customers to post reviews as well—this will also help to drown out the few negative voices that might try to make themselves heard on review sites.


What are some strategies that you use to deal with negative reviews?

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