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How to Create an Effective YouTube Content Strategy
Oct 2017 10

Before you can plan out your strategy for how you will market the videos you create for your company, you need to develop a detailed strategy regarding the kind of content you will create.

The simplest way to think about your content strategy is by using the three Cs: “Create,” “Collaborate” and “Curate.” This outlines the three different forms of content you can develop.


The first type of content is that you create by yourself. This type of content should have a “feel” that is consistent with the brand image you have worked hard to establish. It should feature the same tone as your other marketing initiatives and messaging, and tell a story about your brand that is informational, inspiring and/or entertaining.


In this type of content arrangement, you work with other digital influencers to promote your brand. By collaborating with other influential figures, you can broaden your audience, and therefore your relevance, and reach out to completely new fan bases that are already engaged with your collaborator.

The choice of collaborator can be crucial in this type of arrangement. You might choose to work with an influencer who already has expertise or recognition in your field. One great recent example was how a YouTube star known for his stunt videos that get millions of views partnered with Mountain Dew to create a series of branded stunt videos, all labeled with the hashtag #DEWRoadTrip. These videos were posted both to the YouTube star’s channel and Mountain Dew’s own channel, allowing for cross promotion to both audiences and a greater level of visibility for each collaborator.


Not all content needs to come directly from your brand. You might take content that has already been created by consumers and share it across your platforms. In this way, video marketing can allow your customers to take part in your brand’s story telling (and story making). Audience participation adds some authenticity to your message and your brand, and can increase engagement. Plus, consumers want to be able to connect and interact with the brands they follow.

Consider the popular Doritos advertising campaigns of the last several years during Super Bowl season, where fans create their own original Doritos commercials and the company then picks its favorite to air during the big game. This campaign generates thousands of entries and gets people excited about choosing their favorite among the finalists. It has, by all accounts, been a massive success and consistently produces people’s favorite advertisements during the Super Bowl.

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