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How to Conduct More Effective Advertising Research
Aug 2017 07

Before you begin an advertising campaign, you should spend some time researching your audience to better understand it. As you go through this process, you might find that there are different groups of customers and prospects that appear. By using various tools and strategies to reach out to these groups of people, you can learn more about them.

Here are some strategies you can use in your advertising research:

  • Surveys: You can easily set up online surveys to get direct feedback from your customers. You can then ask specific questions you want answers to, though be careful to avoid response bias. Make sure you also consider the type and number of questions you ask. You can send these surveys out via email newsletter, or put them on your social media platforms or website. It might be interesting and helpful to send them out across a variety of channels to see how responses vary on each platform.


  • Google analytics: Browse your analytics to figure out how much traffic you are getting to your site, where that traffic is coming from (geographically and from other web sources), the demographics of your users and other pertinent information that could help you target your advertising campaign.


  • Keyword research: Performing keyword research helps you to figure out which topics your potential customers are most interested in, and the language they use to talk about those topics in search engines and social media.


  • Customer reviews: Check out the online reviews of your products and services or those of competitors to see the most common problems, concerns or desires among potential customers.


  • Blog comments: Do you have comments on your blog? Reading through those comments can provide you with some insight into the opinions your audience has about various topics related to your company.


  • Google trends: A separate feature from Google Analytics, Google Trends is a useful tool for figuring out which topics are becoming more or less popular over time. By analyzing these trends, you can begin focusing on a topic and ride its natural wave of popularity to greater exposure.


  • Social media: Comments and messages on your social media platforms can provide you with some excellent insight into the thoughts and concerns of your audience. Additionally, engagement metrics such as likes and shares can also help you determine the popularity of your advertising campaigns.


For more information about the various strategies you should use to research your audience before beginning an advertising campaign, contact us today at Spin Creative.

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