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How is Ad Blocking Affecting YouTube and Video Marketing?
Apr 2015 14

There have been several reports lately that YouTube is considering creating an ad-free version of its platform to offer to people who pay to be subscribers. It makes sense from YouTube’s perspective — there are already millions of people who use YouTube that use free ad blocking browser extensions to avoid having to sit through advertisements in videos. The number of people using those ad blockers is constantly rising.

The growth of Adblock use is a concern for a lot of companies that have invested a great deal in video marketing. Some experts believe that the rise in Adblock use is directly related to the increase in video marketing that we’ve seen over the past few years. Others blame YouTube itself, because while display ads are easy to ignore, the video advertisements that pop up on YouTube before the actual video begins show viewers exactly how much time is passing before they get to see their chosen video.

Consider these numbers:

  • Spending on digital video advertising increased by nearly 60 percent in 2014 from 2013


  • During that same time, the amount of people on the internet using ad blocking tools more than doubled, from 54 million to 121 million


The best estimates indicate that more than 150 million people today are using ad blocking tools, which amounts to about 25 percent of all internet users.

While lots of sites of gone to a paid subscription model to offset these losses, that’s not likely to help them find success. According to a poll, only two percent of all internet users would be alright with paying the cost typically covered by advertising to be able to access information online.

Fortunately, for companies that are still thoroughly invested in video marketing, there are still plenty of other options to guarantee that your videos do not get blocked. Facebook and Twitter’s promoted posts, for example, are not blocked by ad blocking tools and have proven to be outstanding means of driving traffic.

However, it seems clear that as the amount of people using ad block tools continues to rise, there’s going to need to be some more creativity on the part of brands to work around them.

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