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Getting Your Followers Involved in Your Content Marketing Plan
Jul 2014 21

Your video marketing campaign is just one facet of your brand’s overarching content marketing strategy. Like any other piece of that strategy, you need to be able to get your followers involved to more effectively spread your content (and brand recognition) across the web.

But how exactly can you go about inviting your followers to get involved? Here are some ideas:

1) Give your followers a voice.

For example, you could let your followers vote on certain decisions that you make with your brand, or in surveys you use to gain more information about what your customers are looking for. Maybe you’re looking to use a new logo, a t-shirt design, a new television commercial or something else. Why not give your followers a voice in your decision? It’ll make them feel involved, and get them more likely to view and share your content.

2) Ask your followers to contribute content that they create.

A fantastic example of this is the Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest that runs every single year. Thousands of fans send in their own home made commercials for a chance to have it run during the Super Bowl. Doritos basically gets a free advertisement out of it while getting its fans involved in a big way. You can try similar ideas, whether it be with video content, images, or anything else. People love to see content that they create displayed by businesses, where plenty of other people will see it.

3) Try giving challenges/games to your followers.

Everybody loves a good quiz; you probably see them posted on your Facebook newsfeed all the time. Why not jump in on the craze with your content marketing campaign? Post brand-related quizzes or surveys that will get your followers more invested. This kind of content is very likely to be shared, and will make them more likely to pay attention to future video or blog content that you post on your social media pages.

4) Personalize the content you create.

Create videos or blog posts directed toward a certain group of people; for example, you may choose to focus on a particular region when creating your next advertisement. You could also allow your fans to create a profile on your website that tailors their experience with your brand to their needs. The more you can make your followers feel that you’re committed to providing a great experience that is unique to them, the more loyalty you’ll gain.

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