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Get the Most Out of YouTube Bumper Ads
May 2017 31

YouTube debuted its bumper ads in early 2016 to mixed reviews from marketers. After all, telling an effective story in video in just six seconds is extremely difficult, and was not something many advertisers had actually tried before.

Since then, however, there has been an outpouring of creativity in the world of bumper ads, with marketers showing just how capable they are of adapting to a variety of forms of video advertising.

Here are a few steps you can take to make high-quality, effective bumper ads on YouTube:

  • Be extremely narrow with the purpose of your video: You only have six seconds, so you have to be as direct as possible with your message. This means you only have time to get across a single message or purpose. You might take the six seconds to feature a product, or announce a promotion. Once you have determined which one thing you will focus on and communicate to your viewers, you can then focus on the more creative aspects of fitting it within six seconds.


  • Determine how you will establish your ad: Even with short videos, it can take a couple seconds for viewers to adjust to the advertisement and catch up with the message you are trying to get across. Many bumper advertisements begin with a striking visual image, and then build the messaging of the advertisement around that image. Having a single image or subject can help you to establish your ad and reduce potential confusion—having numerous cuts and camera angles within just six seconds could severely disorient your viewers.


  • Take elements from your longer ads: While you likely will not just be able to cut six seconds out of a 30-second ad and call it a bumper ad, you can at least take elements and inspiration from those longer advertisements. You can use some of the same themes, locations, subjects or messages, but put into an entirely new six-second video. Not only does this take some of the creative difficulty out of deciding what to do with your advertisement, but it also helps you to build on the branding you have already begun with your 30-second advertising campaigns.


  • Create a series: Just as you can build on your branding efforts established in 30-second ads with bumper ads, you can create multiple bumper ads in a single series to establish some consistency and continue to hit the same message. This series will help provide viewers with some expectations of what they will see in your ad, which allows you to draw them in quicker and deliver a greater impact with your ad.


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