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Facebook’s Newsfeed Video Ad Prices are Going Up
Jul 2014 28

It’s no secret that video advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more popular for companies looking to expand their marketing reach, especially with the recent change in Facebook’s video metrics. Well, now the recent news is that the price of an ad on Facebook’s news feed more than doubled in the last quarter. That’s a huge surge that reflects the rapidly growing interest in video marketing.

The biggest reason for this is the rise in mobile browsing. An ever-increasing percentage of people are primarily using mobile devices to browse the internet and access their social media accounts. When using Facebook apps, there are no sidebar ads, which means that getting ads on the newsfeed is the only way to guarantee that you’re getting views from potential customers. Therefore, more  and more companies are willing to pay higher prices to ensure they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

However, paying for newsfeed advertisements isn’t necessarily a realistic goal for some companies, especially for smaller, local businesses. So how can small businesses continue to take advantage of the world’s largest social network even when it’s starting to get harder for them to be heard amidst all of the clamor for ad space?

Here are three quick tips:

  • Continue to build your follower community. Creating your own Facebook account, gaining followers and sharing content will always be free, you just need to be willing to invest the time necessary to build up a community. Be patient with this; it takes time, you just have to stay proactive in finding new followers and interacting with them.


  • Continue to develop interesting content. Just because you aren’t paying to have this content pushed out toward Facebook’s largest audiences doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on creating the best content possible. The first step to creating a larger online audience is to create content that people are genuinely interested in and will share with others.


  • Make powerful friends. Network with people who have influence on social networks that will share your content and get it spread out to larger groups of people. This is very effective, and you won’t have to shell out money for it like you do with Facebook newsfeed ads.


One thing’s for sure: whether you’re paying for ad space on Facebook or not, marketers everywhere are continuing to ramp up their social media video marketing campaigns. Don’t get left in the dust!

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