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Facebook Will Now Target Mobile Ads Based on Signal Strength
Sep 2014 18

Facebook has been the leader in mobile marketing innovation for some time now, and they just added another upgrade that is certain to change the way companies engage in mobile marketing. The social media company announced a new option for marketers to target their advertisements to certain types of smartphone network connections.

By targeting mobile ads based on signal strength, Facebook will enhance the advertising offerings in emerging markets that don’t necessarily have the same level of web infrastructure as highly populated or technologically advanced areas.

The new options will now allow advertisers to select whether they want to specifically market toward people in 2G, 3G or 4G networks, among other various new ad targeting options. After initial testing of the new service in India, Facebook declared the option ready for launch, and it’s now available on a global level.

Companies looking to engage in video marketing for mobile users will now be able to more effectively target their videos toward people with high-speed connections (mostly 4G), while swapping out those videos with other types of ads (images or flash files) that will be more effective for people on slower connections. This means that companies will be able to reach a much wider range of people based on the types of connections they have available to them.

It also means reaching people in many geographic areas and emerging markets that they could not reach at all before. In many areas with limited connectivity or where countries have only just started creating the infrastructure needed to interact online, 4G connections aren’t even a remote possibility. By introducing this option, Facebook is now allowing advertisers to be more effective on a global level, which makes it a particularly excellent option for large corporations.

With mobile ad spending predicted to continue growing at an extremely rapid rate in the coming years, this is just another move by Facebook to ensure it stays on the cutting edge of mobile marketing.

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