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Don’t Overlook Your Video Description!
Jan 2015 05

As you create and share videos with your business’s video marketing campaign, you’re likely to get so caught up in ensuring the quality and success of the video that you might overlook the option to write a unique description. However, this is definitely a big mistake — your video description could provide you with a variety of key benefits, including:

  • Call to action. Putting a call to action in your description to get people to contact your company or visit its website is a great way to get people who watch your video engaged with your brand, especially if your video doesn’t include an explicit call to action.


  • Search engine optimization. The content of your video’s description could include certain keywords that you are trying to rank well on Google for your brand. These keywords will draw more search engine attention to your videos and, in turn, your website.


  • Sales conversions. If your video is advertising a specific product or promotion, you can include a link to it in your video description to make it easier for people who are interested in what you’re selling.


  • Additional information. Let’s face it—people are going to tune out after a certain amount of time when watching online videos, which means you need to be selective about the kinds of information and the amount of that information you put into the video itself. However, the video description presents you with an opportunity to provide additional information about products, about the production of the video or anything else that you think would be interesting or helpful to people that view the video.


  • Branding opportunities. Descriptions are an additional branding opportunity for your company. Slogans or mottos, a specific attitude your brand is trying to convey and anything else related to your brand are all the kinds of things you can put into the description.


Don’t buy into the myth that nobody reads the description of an online video. They are, in fact, powerful tools that improve the chances that people will take a greater interest in your company and what you have to offer.

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