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Don’t Ignore TV: Television Ads Can Have a Big Digital Effect
May 2015 05

While the video advertising world has definitely taken a drastic shift toward an emphasis on the digital realm, that doesn’t mean that you should still ignore putting ads on television. In fact, there is still plenty of information to suggest that television ads can have a big effect on your digital marketing presence.

In fact, Google has recently increased its efforts to help companies that advertise on television to better understand exactly what sort of impact those commercials have on their online activity. It announced a brand new partnership with Rentrak that will allow it to give marketers some thorough minute-by-minute statistics about the correlation between their ads and Google searches.

Of course, even without these more complicated methods of analyzing impact, there are still plenty of ways that you can connect your television ads with your digital marketing, including:

  • Using hashtags in commercials. At some point in your commercial include a hashtag that you want people to use on social media to get involved in a conversation about your brand. By seeing how many people use that hashtag after your commercial airs, you can have a pretty good idea of how effective your advertisement was.
  • Use specific calls to action to get people online. Don’t just list your website — tell people to visit your website and give them a reason to do so. That reason could be additional information about a product, a chance to win a prize in some sort of sweepstakes, a customer survey or something simple and fun.
  • Make your TV commercials part of a digital series. If you’ll remember, Old Spice did a really good job of this a few years ago. If you have decided to create an online video series, you can create a television commercial to kick that series off and tell viewers that they can find the rest of the series online at your website or your YouTube channel.


There are plenty of creative ways you can connect your television advertising and your digital marketing. For more tips and for help in getting started with your digital marketing campaign, get in touch with the team at Spin Creative today.

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