Spin Releases Director's Cut for Fluke's "Just Another Day on the Job" Product Launch Spot | Spin Creative
Dec 2012 09

Here is the Director’s Cut for the Fluke product launch spot “Just Another Day on the Job.” Spin Creative was brought in by ad agency Hodgson/Meyers to direct and produce the spot, based on creative and storyboards developed by the Hodgson/Meyer’s team.

The spot was part of a campaign launch for a new Fluke thermography tool and was used to generate buzz. The Spin Creative team worked closely with Hodgson/Meyers on all aspects of production to bring the vision to life on screen.

The Director’s Cut is shorter and doesn’t include screen shots of the thermography tool.

The shoot took place over two days in a basement at an industrial building. The RED Epic camera system was used for footage acquisition, with post production, grading and finishing handled at Spin Creative. The Spin team for the project included: Matthew Billings director, Scott Gwin editor, Phil McCoy and Kim Schwarzkopf producers. Nick Denke of Electric Muses provided original music score and handled sound design and final audio mix.

Here’s the original spot: