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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch
Jul 2014 07

New research indicates that marketing is becoming more digital than ever before. In fact, over the next five years there is a general consensus that digital marketing will account for more than 75% of marketing budgets. That’s incredible!

Some other interesting findings from the same study:

  • Mobile marketing will account for more than 50% of marketing budgets
  • Earned media will be more important than paid and owned media
  • Marketing campaigns will start unfolding in real time
  • Analytic skills will become a core competence in marketing


This means that for the video marketing industry in particular, there is bound to be a major shift over the next few years. Right now we’re still in an era of pretty “traditional” video marketing. But because of the ways that people’s browsing habits are changing, you’ll soon start seeing a much greater percentage of videos optimized for mobile devices. This means changes in length, style of shooting and graphics and more, all to accommodate the differences in browsing between mobile and desktop.

The finding about marketing campaigns beginning to unfold in real time is also interesting, because it shows that in the near future, businesses will have to be much more flexible with their ad campaigns. This means keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s newsworthy and popular within your industry and delivering marketing messages based on those trends.

Earned media refers to any type of awareness or publicity generated through channels aside from advertising. It is totally organic publicity that comes about through sources like newspaper articles, television spots, editorials, posts on other websites or more. So long as it’s publicity that you cannot purchase, it is considered earned media. With the importance of earned media primed to increase over the next five years, it stands to reason that it will be more important than ever to increase customer engagement so that they will talk about your brand and increase your publicity and awareness.

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