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Digital Marketing Strategies that have Become Outdated
Apr 2015 02

The nature of digital marketing is constantly changing. As such, it’s surprisingly easy for you to fall behind and continue using outdated strategies if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest trends and advances in the industry.

Here are a few outdated strategies that just a few years ago were legitimate ways to improve your digital presence. Are you still doing any of these?

  • Creating content for the sake of content. Even just a few years ago while brands were only just starting to build an online presence in terms of blog and video content, churning content out just to have something to share was a regular occurrence. In today’s digital environment, however, “quality over quantity” has never been truer.


  • Engaging in SEO based on keywords. Search engine optimization practices have left keywords in the dust. Keyword stuffing has been punished by Google for years, but even keywords themselves are now outdated. What’s more important to Google now is the quality of your content, how mobile-friendly it is and how timely and relevant your content is.


  • Buying online reviews. People used to pay for online reviews so that their company would look better on sites like Google Reviews and Yelp, but search engines got wise to that practice and began punishing brands that were engaging in it.


  • Casting a wide net with email marketing. In previous years, the prevailing wisdom was that the more people who receive your message, the more people you have a chance of turning into customers. However, significant research has now led to marketing experts concluding that smaller, targeted email lists are going to be much more efficient.


  • Building content primarily for desktop. We’re officially in the era of mobile devices. The majority of online activity now comes through mobile apps and browsers, including the majority of Google searches. Brands need to focus on how they’re reaching out to consumers via mobile devices at least as much as how they’re reaching people on desktop.


Are you still stuck using any of these strategies on a regular basis? Work with Spin Creative to update your digital marketing presence!

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