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Dealing With Internet Trolls On Your Social Media
Mar 2015 17

For the most part, you’ll find that social media marketing is a great experience. You have the ability to connect on a much closer level with your customers, figure out exactly what they think about your brand and respond directly to their compliments and concerns.

But unfortunately, when you spend enough time online you’re bound to run into a few trolls, who take every opportunity that they can to spout hateful thoughts and unnecessary vitriol. So how do you deal with them when they show up on your brand’s social media, whether it’s in YouTube comments, Facebook posts or otherwise?

Here are your options:

  • Let them stay. Sometimes it can seem disingenuous to have only positive comments on your videos or posts. Customers might get suspicious if they see that there’s not a single piece of negativity on anything that you post, especially if your reach extends to thousands of people. People online aren’t naïve — they will quickly figure out if you have been deleting messages.


  • Respond. Yes, there’s the classic internet phrase “don’t feed the troll,” but sometimes there’s something to say for the fact that you’re willing to stand up for your company. People will take notice of that. If you do it in a non-emotional and proactive way, it could reflect well on your company. But that’s a fine line to walk — as soon as your responses become emotional, you’re doing far more harm than if you’d just said nothing at all.


  • Delete. There are certain circumstances were you should always delete comments. If something is racist, homophobic or bigoted/offensive in any other way, then there’s really no reason to keep it up, and it could actually reflect poorly on your brand if you do so.


Typically people recommend responding to negativity, but you have to know when to pick your battles. If it’s clear that the person is simply going out of their way to cause trouble and responding will not help at all, then the best option is probably either to ignore or delete.

Let us know if you need any guidance with how to handle negativity on your social media.

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