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Creating Video Advertisements for the Holiday Season
Nov 2014 14

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is right around the corner. The year has really flown by! If you’re interested in giving your business a bit of an extra advertising push themed for the holiday season, you’ll need to act now to make sure you have the time to run your holiday-themed campaign.

Here are some tips for creating video advertisements for the holiday season:

  • Stay true to your brand. While holiday ads are often an excuse to get a little silly or creative, make sure that you do so within the constraints of your brand image. Anyone who watches your advertisement should come away with the same message or feeling about your brand as they would with a regular commercial.


  • Use seasonal music. The music you choose for any advertisement does a whole lot to set the tone for your commercial. When the first frames of your ad open up and the people watching hear a Christmas tune, it instantly gets people in the holiday mood.


  • Use holiday imagery. Whether you show people out in the snow, decorating a Christmas tree, opening presents or meeting Santa Claus, the use of holiday imagery offers you another way to help set the mood for your advertisement. These images hearken back to some of people’s favorite memories about the holiday season, and enable you to make an emotional connection with your audience.


  • Market your product as a gift. People are out searching for the perfect gift to give their loved ones around this time of year. Show them exactly why your product makes a great gift through the action of the video. This is slightly different than the way you would normally market your product, as you would typically be trying to reach out to people buying the product for themselves rather than for other people.


  • Be genuine. Around the holiday season especially, people are going to be more likely to have a negative reaction to advertisements that they feel are a little overly commercial. Try to keep a genuine, cheerful tone with your ad that stays within the holiday spirit.


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