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Create Facebook Video Ads People Actually Want to Watch
May 2017 26

Over the last five years, video advertising has gone from a luxury to a necessity across almost every industry. This is due in large part to the improvement of video streaming technologies online and the rise in use of mobile devices to watch videos online. Today, it is almost impossible to scroll through a Facebook newsfeed without seeing at least a couple videos.

But it’s not just enough to create marketing videos and post them to your Facebook profile, hoping people will watch them. You have to be able to create videos you can be sure people will actually want to watch.

Here are a few tips to help you increase the amount of people watching your videos, and the amount of time they spend watching them:

  • Always have a quick “hook:” The first few seconds of any video are absolutely critical to drawing in your viewers. One study performed by Facebook and Nielsen indicated as much as 47 percent of a video campaign’s value is determined in the first three seconds, and 74 percent in the first ten. This hook could be any kind of message or statement, so long as it immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and encourages them to keep watching until the end.
  • Figure out ways to keep the attention of your audience: Great storytelling is always the best way to hold the attention of an audience. Any story you tell should appeal to natural emotions, such as curiosity, compassion, empathy or humor.
  • Do not rely on sound: Because videos autoplay without sound on Facebook, you need to figure out additional ways to deliver information. You have likely seen countless videos on Facebook that make use of large text captions on top of images or videos, narrating the action of the video. There’s a reason these types of videos have become so widespread—because they deliver important information to the viewer without having to rely on voiceovers or sound.
  • Use call to action buttons: Use buttons like “shop now,” “download” or “learn more” to encourage your video viewers to take specific actions.
  • Post all videos directly on Facebook: This isn’t so much a tip for creating videos, but maximizing their effectiveness and encouraging more people to watch them. Rather than posting your video on YouTube or Vimeo and then sharing on Facebook, post the videos natively to the social network. This will ensure they autoplay as soon as people scroll over them, rather than having to be clicked to begin.

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