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Create Emotional Connections & Activate Your Audience
Apr 2014 04

At Spin Creative, we consistently talk about the value of storytelling in TV and digital advertising as well as video marketing, which is why refer to our approach as “Story in Motion.” One of the most important aspects of brand storytelling using video is how it makes the viewer feel. Creating an emotional connection is an extremely powerful tactic when done correctly, as videos that make people feel something are more likely to activate your audience to share online.

But how do you create a TV commercial or marketing video that will be sure to evoke an emotional response from viewers? Here are some tips:

• Captivate your audience. The first step is to create an engaging, unique title for your video that will draw in your viewers. You cannot hope to forge an emotional connection if customers aren’t even clicking on your videos. Rouse the curiosity of your audience and they are more likely to pay attention to your message.

• Make a connection. Avoid hitting your audience over the head with brand imagery right off the bat. Instead, find a way that you can connect with your audience that relates to your brand. The best way to do this is by telling a story that your viewers can relate with, and then have that story relate back to your brand. It’s a much more genuine method of advertising that yields better results than a boring sales pitch.

• Set the tone. What do you want your audience to feel? It should come as no surprise that the most shared advertisements on YouTube all invoke a certain emotion, whether it’s humor, hope, wonder, awe or exhilaration. Take your audience on an emotional ride with the story that you have created.

• Be poignant. Think of your video as a 30- or 60-second film as opposed to an advertisement; you want people to be sucked into the action and invested in the outcome. If possible, leave your audience with something to think about. If you have properly channeled the desired emotion in your video and crafted a good narrative, it will stick with the viewer after they have seen it.

The bottom line is that you will find much greater success in your video marketing campaign if you are able to take your audience on an emotional ride. Let Spin Creative help you to craft a great story for your brand and drive engagement with your customers.

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