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Create an Online Video Ad Series for Your Brand
Apr 2014 16

One of the most common tips you’ll see in articles about digital video marketing is to create a series of videos under a common theme to help create more engagement in your target audience. This is great advice; a series creates relationships with your audience in that every time they watch a video in the series, they become more familiar with your brand and have more chance to interact with your company. Series also help to establish your brand as a creative leader and an expert in its field.

But how can you ensure that a video ad series will be successful? Consider the following tips:

  • Create a consistent message. For a video series to be the most effective, all of the videos should have the same general theme or message. As you publish more of these videos and get more people to view them, that message will be reinforced, but in new ways with each video in the series.


  • Pace yourself. Don’t feel that you have to publish a new video every day, or even every week. Set a schedule for publishing videos that you can afford, but that also stays within a reasonable time frame so you don’t run the risk of your audience tuning out your message.


  • Stay focused on the story. Each video in your series should still tell a story in itself. This story can add to a larger story arc in the series, but each video should still have its own merits as an individual advertisement that will draw people in. At Spin Creative, we call this your “story in motion,” an extremely important part of branding.


  • Leave your audience wanting more. For a series to be truly effective, your audience should be eagerly anticipating the next video in the series, or if all of your videos have already been released, they should want to quickly click on the next one. This means you need to go out of your way to make these videos memorable in some regard. We can help you craft a video that is educational, humorous, exciting or emotional.


  • Plug your videos. Make sure that you extend your advertising into your website and your social media pages, so that people are aware of your series and will share the videos with their own friends


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