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Changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed Could Impact Video Marketing
Jun 2014 30

Facebook remains the world’s most-used social network and an important hub for viral marketing. Recently, the company announced changes to its newsfeed that could set the stage for more success for companies attempting to use the site for video marketing.

Facebook regularly updates the algorithm for its newsfeed, but the latest changes were specifically geared toward providing its users with better video content. Now, everyone’s newsfeed will have a video ranking system that tracks whether people watch the videos they are presented with (and how long they actually watch them), and then use that information to see who else gets the video in their feed.

This is a change from the previous method of using engagement metrics like comments, likes or shares. While those are still important indicators of how popular the video is, this new algorithm. will help Facebook to determine how interesting or captivating the video is, and who else is likely to enjoy watching it.

With Facebook now introducing video advertisements on its newsfeed, this information will give it a better idea of what kinds of users are more likely to engage with which types of advertisements. This is an extremely attractive feature for companies that would consider advertising on Facebook’s video ad platform, because they will now be much more likely to get their videos targeted toward people who will actually be receptive to their messages, rather than just sending their videos out to the masses and hoping that people will bite.

The announcement of this change comes on the heels of another video ad-related announcement by Facebook. Several weeks ago, the company announced that users who choose to watch video advertisements in their newsfeed will see more video ads than image-based ads. The object is to give people content in the media form that they are most receptive to.

So as you can see, Facebook’s channels for video marketing continue to grow more sophisticated and effective. This means that now is the perfect time to start working on your own video marketing campaign for your company! Contact us today at Spin Creative and learn how we can help you create your brand’s Story In Motion and bring your message to a wider audience than ever before.

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