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Five Important Metrics for Tracking Video Marketing Success
Jun 2015 30

B2B marketers say their top video marketing objectives are brand awareness, lead generation and increased online engagement.

Great content is just one part of the marketing equation. If you want a complete strategy, you need to measure if your videos are contributing to your objectives, or just sitting dormant in cyberspace.

1. Play Rate

Most helpful to measure: Online Engagement

What it is: A ratio that shows the number of plays your video receives compared to the number of times your video is shown.

Why it’s important: Your play rate gauges whether your opening image or call-to-action is interesting enough to entice page visitors to watch. If your play rate is low, try tweaking your video thumbnail or the surrounding page content.

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5 Goal-Oriented Tips To Improving Your B2B Video Marketing
Jun 2015 16

When you think of B2B marketing, the next image that comes to mind probably isn’t this week’s hottest viral video. The good news? It doesn’t have to be.

When effectively executed and targeted, video can be a strong tool in any B2B marketer’s strategy. According to a recent report from Vidyard, video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. (Tweet this!)

It’s no wonder that 63% of B2B marketers report they are increasing their video budgets. The verdict is in: If you aren’t already investing in video, it’s time to start. That said, video marketing isn’t something you should rush into without taking your goals into account. That’s why we’ve creative 5 goal-oriented tips to improving your B2B Marketing.

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YouTube vs Facebook Video: Two Heavyweights Battle it Out
May 2015 26

On the Internet, where content is king, the greatest video strategy can’t overcome a weak message. Once you have a great story to tell, it’s time to return to the original question: Should I invest my time and money in YouTube or Facebook for my online video strategy?

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The Four Necessary Elements of Good Video Marketing
May 2015 21

Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool for increasing the visibility of your brand and the way your customers engage with it. But like any marketing campaign, your video marketing program must have a good foundation if it is going to have any chance of being successful.

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4 Signs You Need Help With Your Video Marketing Campaign
May 2015 14

A lot of brands try to save money on their advertising campaigns by doing as much by themselves as possible. When it comes to video marketing, however, there are a lot more technical aspects to creating a great campaign, and even if you’re able to produce relatively good visual quality you still might not be getting the best results you could for your brand.

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