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How to Use LinkedIn for Effective Video Marketing
Sep 2015 01

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, LinkedIn definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

More than 347 million professionals use LinkedIn, and new members are signing up at a rate of almost two per second. It’s the leading professional social network, making it the ideal platform to engage top decision makers.

LinkedIn boasts that 50 percent of users report they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn, and the platform is moving quickly to be a sought-after destination for marketing dollars. Recently, LinkedIn has rolled out several tools that make it easier for marketers to measure results and more effectively communicate with target audiences.

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Is Vine Worth It For Video Marketers?
Aug 2015 20

Since Vine’s launch in 2013, it has exploded to become the third most popular video platform after Facebook and YouTube. Consider also that Vine is most popular with users age 12-24 – an advertiser’s holy grail – and it’s no surprise that companies are hustling to develop Vine strategies.

Vine presents two notable challenges for marketers:

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How should marketers use video differently on Facebook and Twitter?
Aug 2015 11

Online video is now a $6 billion dollar market and is only projected to get even bigger in the coming years. With this explosive growth has come a proliferation of platforms and content creators. Make sure you aren’t using a one-size-fits all strategy for your online video channels.

We all know YouTube is the behemoth in the online video space. So today, Spin is taking a look at two other platforms with video functionality – Facebook and Twitter.

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3 Subtle Changes That Will Boost Your Online Lead Generation
Aug 2015 06

Generating new leads is essential to growing any business. You already utilize online platforms to reach customers, but taking the next step towards finding meaningful leads can be difficult without face-to-face interaction.

These three subtle changes to your company’s online marketing can help you generate more leads by increasing your discoverability and creating a connection with your audience.

1) Create online tutorials that double as video marketing.

Many people search online using “how” and “why” questions, making video tutorials a helpful search result. Frame your video marketing content as tutorials on what your company does best. Post it on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo using keywords that will make it easily discoverable. Viewers will not only have their problem solved for free, but will also learn more about your company and its expertise. Make sure to link back to your company website in the video description.

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Does GoPro Know the Magic Formula for Video Marketing Success?
Jul 2015 30

Video is quickly becoming the ruler of the online universe. And in the realm of video, GoPro is a rising star.

As a company that manufacturers video cameras, GoPro was a natural early adopter for online video marketing. But GoPro cameras aren’t your standard recorders. They are extremely powerful and made for capturing unique, user-generated content – whether it’s filming a solo rock climb or riding on the back of a bicycle during the Tour de France.

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