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3 Tips for Stellar Marketing on a Small Budget
May 2015 07

When you’re trying to build a brand from scratch, it can be easy to postpone doing any marketing until you have developed a solid cash flow. However, you can’t afford to postpone marketing for too long, especially in the early phases of your company when getting the word out is so vital for your growth.

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Don’t Ignore TV: Television Ads Can Have a Big Digital Effect
May 2015 05

While the video advertising world has definitely taken a drastic shift toward an emphasis on the digital realm, that doesn’t mean that you should still ignore putting ads on television. In fact, there is still plenty of information to suggest that television ads can have a big effect on your digital marketing presence.

In fact, Google has recently increased its efforts to help companies that advertise on television to better understand exactly what sort of impact those commercials have on their online activity. It announced a brand new partnership with Rentrak that will allow it to give marketers some thorough minute-by-minute statistics about the correlation between their ads and Google searches.

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Ten Years of YouTube: How Has it Changed Our World?
Apr 2015 30

YouTube recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Can you believe it? It’s almost impossible to remember what the world of online video looked like before YouTube came to power. The impact that the social network has had on the world is undeniable. Today, billions of people around the world regularly visit YouTube to watch videos on an endless amount of topics.

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Live Video Streaming: Should Your Company Get Involved?   
Apr 2015 28

Thanks to a variety of new apps like Periscope and Meerkat, more people are beginning to create their own live video streams. The concept is simple — users log in, get their stream started up and broadcast whatever they are viewing through their smartphone camera to other users of the app across the globe. Additionally, these apps can link up to your Twitter profile to let all of your followers know that you are putting on a live stream.

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Video Marketing is Changing the Online World
Apr 2015 23

As all the statistics available continue to show that the amount of video being used in content marketing continues to increase, it’s clear that video marketing has changed the online world as we know it. Audiences are engaging with content, ads and brands in different ways than ever before, and video has quickly become a preferred method of communication for all people online — not just companies.

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