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Building Consumer Trust Through Video Marketing
Apr 2014 30

Recent advertising studies show that fewer than 25% of online consumers in the United States trust ads that they see in print publications. Even more dire are the percentages of people who have faith in digital media advertisements. Consumers today, despite doing more shopping than ever online, are also more skeptical of advertisements that they see.

In an environment where people clearly don’t trust advertisements the same way that they used to, how can you still use tactics such as video marketing to reinforce the trust in your brand? Basically, you need to keep a customer-centric focus in your advertising, and do everything that you can to keep people engaged. The brands that drive the most engagement with their advertising campaigns tend to be the most successful and best-reviewed.

Here are three major ways that you can use video marketing to establish trust in your brand:

  • Create customer testimonial videos. Give your customers a chance to get behind the camera and talk about what they feel about your brand. The benefits of this are twofold; it shows your customers that you appreciate their business, and it gives them a chance to have their voice heard and feel that their opinions truly count. Best of all, if your customers give you a glowing review in these videos, they’re basically bragging on your behalf.


  • Tell your brand story. This area is a Spin Creative specialty: brand storytelling in motion. These types of videos bring out the emotional aspects of your brand. This allows customers to get an inside look at the true character of your company, rather than a big, faceless, corporate brand. Using this strategy helps your customers make an emotional connection with your brand and in the process build trust.


  • Interactive videos. If you create videos that have some sort of interactive aspect, it’s almost as though you’re giving your customers the power to take what they want out of the advertisement, rather than you pushing your ideas at them. When done right, this can be very empowering to your customers, which will keep them engaged and interested with your brand.


It’s impossible to understate the importance of consumer trust in advertising and brand building. While all the evidence suggests that creating that trust is getting harder than ever before, it’s still absolutely worth trying to do it. Contact us today at Spin Creative for more information on how you can develop a video marketing campaign to build the trust of your consumers.

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