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May 2014 21

Wellspring Family Services is a nonprofit organization that serves low-income and vulnerable individuals, children and families in Seattle and King County. The organization’s outstanding mission is “to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a nonviolent community in which they can thrive.” It’s clearly an organization doing a lot of good and we are proud to partner with them.

Spin Creative was hired as the agency to develop the creative strategy and produce a cross-platform brand commercial. The project was to create a new brand video, which was to debut at Wellspring’s May 7th “Powerful Change Luncheon” and then continue its use as a public service announcement and television commercial.

The primary purpose of the spot is to build awareness of Wellspring’s efforts and to be used as a fundraising tool. Wellspring’s vision of the project was a commercial that would inspire, connect and highlight how the organization is different. The hope was that the video would set the tone for the luncheon, orient the audience and set up the CEO’s speech, and then continue to inspire action in the months to come through its positioning on television.

There were several factors we had to consider while crafting the creative strategy:

  • Target audience. The main audience, both for the luncheon and for television audiences, are professionals, most of them at the luncheon working in downtown Seattle. These are highly educated men and women in their 40s and 50s or older, most of whom have children of their own.


  • Audience insight. Because these people have families of their own, the common denominator among them is their interest in supporting children and families. This type of audience typically responds to both “head and heart” motivators, meaning that before they donate, they want both factual and emotional reasons to convince them to give.


  • Messages. The primary message of the video was Wellspring’s ability to help families tap into their strength and thrive. However, there were several additional messages we needed to include to make sure that we hit on factual reasons to donate. One of these is the fact that it often takes two generations to break a cycle of poverty and crisis.  We also focused on “root causes,” which have to do with the way trauma can negatively impact long-term brain development.


Taking all of these factors into consideration, we got to work. We created a commercial with inspirational, optimistic and authentic tones, featuring images of children and parents with a voiceover of a child talking about “breaking the cycle of trauma.”

We are thrilled to have been able to work with an organization with such a great mission!

About Wellspring Family Services
Wellspring Family Services is a nonprofit, multi-service agency serving low-income and vulnerable individuals, children and families in Seattle and King County.

Our mission is to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a nonviolent community in which they can thrive.

Through Community Services, we help individuals and families experiencing crisis tap into their own resilience and strength, take the next step forward, and build community.

We achieve our mission through the effective provision of social and mental health services that help strengthen families, addressing a broad range of issues that can negatively affect their lives. Services are concentrated in four areas: mental health, family homelessness, early learning, and domestic violence intervention, with a focus on helping the people we serve address root causes and underlying issues so that they are able to achieve positive, permanent change in their lives. 

About Spin Creative
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