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Apply These 2 Techniques To Improve Your Mobile Advertising
Jun 2015 02

For those of us who have bumped into someone on a sidewalk while catching up with online news or found ourselves killing time in a waiting room while watching online videos, the rise of mobile probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

According to eMarketer, which specializes in digital marketing research, time spent on mobile devices each day has surpassed the time spent on desktops. By 2019, mobile is predicted to account for 72% of digital ad spending. And this year, app spending will outpace mobile web browser ad dollars nearly 3-to-1.

When it comes to video advertising, the choice of device seems to matter even more. The industry standard is moving from “ads served” to “viewable impressions,” and mobile has the edge.

According to Google’s recent research on viewability, 53% of desktop video ads were rated as viewable, compared to 83% of mobile and 81% of tablet ads. On YouTube, over half of all views now come from mobile. When you account for mobile views both on the web and within the app, YouTube claims an incredible 94% visibility rating.

At Spin Creative, we’ve always operated with this mindset. It just makes sense – there’s a big difference between simply putting an ad in front of someone online and actually ensuring your ad is viewed. (Tweet this!)

Desktop ad buys are expected to remain stable in the coming years, but it’s clear that the future of online marketing is on mobile. Is your business are ready for the new age of mobile advertising?

#1 Optimize Your Ads

First things first, ensure your ads are optimized for mobile. If your content doesn’t load quickly or is too small on mobile web pages, you’ve already lost your audience.

#2 Research Viewability

Second, let the research on viewability guide your placements. Google has found that size really does matter, as does page placement. The most viewable position is right above the fold – not at the top of the page – and vertical units perform better than horizontal units since they stay on screen longer. 

We’ve discussed Facebook video versus YouTube in the past. While Google’s research clearly promotes the merits of YouTube, we think the general principles should apply to whatever platform you think works best for your target audience.  Whatever you choose, it’s important to move quickly. If you’re ignoring mobile, you’re ignoring your potential customers.

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