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Activating “Generation C” with Digital Storytelling
Mar 2014 04

“Generation C” is a relatively new term used to describe a growing demographic of consumers that thrive on online content. They are as likely to create content of their own as they are to share and connect with content of brands online. The biggest group of Gen C consumers is Millennials, but Gen C consumers are increasingly being found in more and more age ranges and locations.

Consider the following attributes of Gen C consumers:

  • 90%f them create online content at least once every month
  • 2 out of 3 will tell friends about brands they love
  • 56% have taken action after viewing an ad on YouTube for a product or service
  • 76% visit YouTube on a weekly basis, and 36% on a daily basis


Moreover, Gen C consumers are not passive consumers; they will actively search out brands they enjoy and will engage with brands online at their own discretion. While this makes them pickier consumers, this also makes them an extremely valuable consumer. If you can connect with Gen C, they will be your best customers.

Engaging with Gen C

Here are some of the best ways to increase your engagement with the Gen C demographic:

  • Maintain a steady YouTube presence. With Gen C consumers spending so much time on YouTube, it is important that you make it a focus in your marketing efforts. Publish videos on a consistent basis and market your channel to bring in more views.


  • Create videos that tell a story. Gen C consumers don’t want to be sold products, they want to engage with stories and ideas. Because they are such avid sharers, they’re specifically looking for videos that make them laugh, make them think or reflect their own worldview. Spin Creative develops campaign strategies for clients to craft stories in digital videos that reflect brands in unique ways to drive engagement.


  • Make people forget that you’re marketing. Additional research says that more than 90% of Gen C visit YouTube for entertainment and relaxation. They’re not looking for commercials, they’re looking to be entertained. Tap into that desire and make sure that your videos don’t have extremely obvious marketing overtones.


  • Start conversations. Because Gen C consumers are so eager to share and engage in community discussions, you should take the initiative to start those discussions. Thought-provoking videos are an excellent launching pad for those discussions to take place.


It’s important that you take advantage of Gen C consumers, because they will do a lot of your marketing work for you. Work with Spin Creative to learn more about how to tap into this demographic with unique, brand-specific creative storytelling.

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