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Our Process

Spin Creative has become a success largely in part to our distinct process that we go through with every one of our video marketing projects. We strongly believe that this process enables us to work with our clients to produce the best possible results on a consistent basis.

Here’s a brief outline of the process you’ll go through when you work with us:

1. Discovery + Research

In this step, we meet with participating clients to gather all of the background information that we’ll need for the project, as well as the details of the vision for the video and desired marketing impact. We focus on information such as target audiences, overall messaging and project objectives, then set a preliminary delivery date. Our team also discusses how we can evaluate the success of the video project after its final delivery.

2. Strategy + Creative Development

After we have thoroughly reviewed the requirements for the project, we present inventive creative concepts, treatments, style frames and/or storyboards for your review. You then have the opportunity to provide feedback about these concepts and make any revisions that you feel are necessary. At this stage, we are able to present a price for the project based on the creative concept established. Once the creative concept, treatment and pricing is approved, we create a detailed outline or script based on the creative treatment. If the video is to be interview-based, then we also establish messaging and talking points, with your input.

3. Pre-Production

This step involves navigating through all of the logistics related to the project. We scout for locations, engage in any necessary casting, obtain the needed permits, establish our crew and map-out the needed equipment. We also engage in any pre-interviews as needed with interview subjects.

4. Production

At this stage, we begin filming the creative concept, treatment and script that we worked with you to prepare. We film on-location or in studio depending on the concept and script for the video.

5. Post-Production

This stage is where you review typically three cuts of the video –– First Cut, Second Cut and Final Cut. If the video is interview based, we create what’s called a “content cut” for the First Cut review. The content cut involves us selecting the best sound bites and arranging them in order that will best tell the story. We review sound bites first because it helps to provide a tighter focus on the story and your message without distractions by graphics, music, etc. Once the content cuts are approved we move to the Second Cut stage, where we work in b-roll, graphics, music and other visual and aural elements. If the style of video is scripted and isn’t interview based, then the First Cut is an assembly of the key visual and audio elements based on the script in rough form (saving finesse and polish for later cuts).

The Second Cut incorporates client feedback and provides a more polished assembly of all of the elements for the video. During First and Second Cuts we’re primarily focused on how well the story is being told and is it communicating effectively?

Finally, a Final Cut version of the video is presented for review and includes all music, graphics, color correction, audio enhancement and more. Final finesses and polish is included. This is when you give your last tweaks and/or approval.

6. Delivery + Distribution 

Once we have your final approval, we move on to delivery and distribution. We publish the media based on a strategic media plan, that can include one or many cross-platform channels.

7. Evaluation 

We want to hear your feedback at the end of the entire process to evaluate the impact of the project and how we collaborated with you and your team. We believe in fostering long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, to help grow brands through impactful video storytelling and marketing. If we’re implementing a traditional and digital marketing campaign using video storytelling we monitor the success of the campaign and provide you with reporting.

At Spin Creative we believe whole-heartedly in this process, and are dedicated to using it to grab awareness with your audience, generate leads and ultimately move the needle on your bottom line.

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