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A Brief Look at Super Bowl Advertising in 2015 
Feb 2015 01

With us coming fresh out of Super Bowl season, it’s interesting to take a look at some of the facts and statistics relating to advertising this year. After all, the Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest day of the year for NFL players — it’s arguably the biggest day of the year for advertisers as well.

Adage has a full list of who bought advertising spots for the Super Bowl, how many spots they bought and the agencies that they worked with to create those spots. The list contains a lot of familiar Super Bowl faces, like Doritos, Anheuser-Busch, GoDaddy and Old Spice, as well as a few less-familiar companies, like Mophie, Squarespace, WeatherTech and Wix.com.

The Super Bowl ad season was also not without controversy. GoDaddy, which has never been afraid to push the envelope with its advertising in the past, was actually the subject of controversy with one of its videos, featuring a dog attempting to find its owner only to be sold off right away online. The video raised a negative backlash from animal rights activists, and GoDaddy eventually conceded and decided to pull the ad in favor of a different commercial instead. However, it would seem that GoDaddy still succeeded in getting its name out there, even in the days before the game actually aired.

Other companies managed to find success without creating controversy. Pepsi’s big advertising strategy was to create an advertising event around the event of the Super Bowl. With trailers for its ads, a buildup in viewership over time and an interesting theme to its commercials, experts projected big success for the brand in the leadup to the big game.

The average cost of a single 30-second advertisement this year rose to a record high of $4.5 million, which is more than a half million more than what last year’s average cost was. However, last year Fox sold out its Super Bowl ads about two months before the game, whereas NBC sold out only four days before the game this year. The rush on advertising at the last minute may have led to increased prices.

In case you missed them, here is a link to where you can watch all of the 2015 Super Bowl ads. Which ones stood out to you the most, and which do you believe told the strongest stories.

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