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5 Common Mistakes Companies Make on AdWords
Mar 2015 06

Google AdWords is an extremely popular tool for small businesses everywhere, and for good reason — when used correctly, it is an outstanding method of drawing more traffic to your website. Of course, the caveat there is “when used correctly.” While it’s easy to get your AdWords account up and running, the logistics of actually getting a positive ROI for your company are a little more difficult.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common mistakes that companies make while using Google AdWords:

  • Using keywords that are too general. When you’re just getting started out, you need to be specific with your keywords, otherwise you’re never going to stand out among all the other advertising noise out there. Look through your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to find a few long-tail keywords that seem to be performing well for your company, and put those into AdWords. Once you’ve found success with these, then you can start broadening your campaign.


  • Sending all traffic to your home page. Specific keywords should be used to send users to specific websites. For example, if you run a video marketing company and have a “digital ad production” keyword, you’d want it to go to your digital ad service page. Basically, the idea is to send your users to pages that are as closely aligned to their interests as possible.


  • Using too many keywords in a group. You can’t create landing pages for every single keyword that you target, so just stick to smaller groups of keywords when you get started so that you don’t send keyword searchers to unrelated pages.


  • Not measuring ROI. You should constantly be tracking which of your paid clicks are turning into paying customers. If not, you’ll almost definitely wind up wasting money on the service as the traffic you’re getting isn’t actually being converted. Better tracking enhances your ability to tweak your campaign and find success.


  • Not using variation. There are a few different ad rotation options that you have in your Google AdWords settings. Make sure that you’re using the “rotate indefinitely” option so that you get an even rotation.


Try out these tips with your AdWords account and see if your paid clicks become more likely to turn into sales!

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