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4 YouTube Features Every Marketer Must Know
May 2014 16

If you have a video marketing campaign, you’re almost definitely using YouTube as a marketing tool. However, beyond the standard channel options and features that you are already familiar with, there are a few additional features that are surprisingly underutilized by video marketers.

Here are a few lesser-known YouTube features that you should definitely consider using for your video marketing endeavors:

  • The Fan Finder. Through the YouTube Fan Finder, YouTube basically offers you totally free ad space that is geared toward the target demographic for your brand. The feature allows you to send in a maximum of five “channel ads” that will be specifically targeted toward users who are most likely to be interested in your content. These ads are brief video clips that introduce your brand. Simply upload that ad as you would a regular video, then submit it for review on the Fan Finder page. A surprisingly low amount of people know this feature exists, but it is an excellent marketing tool.


  • Audio Library. Sometimes, the music chosen for an advertisement will leave just as much of a lasting impression as the actual video. Viewers often comment on videos asking what song was used for the ad. This makes it extremely important that you choose the exact right music for your ads, and this audio library can help you with that task. You can search by mood, instrument, genre or duration, preview any track you want, and select songs to download.


  • Associated Website. You do have the ability to insert a call to action and any associated links in the description of the video, but you can actually add clickable links within the video itself with the associated website annotation feature. In Google Webmaster Tools, simply list your website as an address, then visit your channel’s advanced settings and add your URL to the field labeled “associated website.” It’s easy, and it’s a great way to attract more clicks to your site!


  • Closed captioning. If your brand has an international audience, you can use YouTube’s closed captioning features to put subtitles and captions right into the video player. This will make it easier for you to use your video ads on a more global scale.


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