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3 Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making
May 2015 12

Have you ever had the feeling that people just don’t care about your content?

According to a recent study from Forrester, about 87 percent of all brands say they struggle to develop content their users actually want to read, and only about 14 percent say they feel their content is extremely effective at adding value for their company.

So clearly, there are a lot of businesses having trouble with building engagement. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t producing good content — there are a variety of mistakes they could be making that have caused a lack of customer interest.

Here are a few of those possible mistakes:

  • Not understanding what your audience is interested in. There are a surprising number of companies that don’t actually do any research into what it is their customers are most interested in. You need to be able to clearly define who your target audience is, what their problems are, how you can solve those problems with your content and the kind of voice you should use that resonates with them. Obviously, you’re going to want to communicate with college students differently than you communicate with 40-something professionals.


  • Being overly self-promotional. It’s one thing to be proud of your company and what it has to offer. It’s another thing to overload your online audience with constant boasts and promotion. One study discovered that approximately 88 percent of brands only share their own content and research. If you really want to be respected as a trusted source of information in your field, you have to be willing to share useful and relevant information from a wide variety of sources.


  • Publishing and forgetting. Creating content isn’t enough — you have to work to get the word out. Improve your search engine optimization, market on other blogs and websites, connect your social media, and do anything else you need to get the word out about your content.


What other sorts of mistakes have you made in the past with your content marketing? How did you correct them? Let us know!

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