2016 May | Spin Creative
SpinSense: 4 Logo Components that Impact the Effectiveness of Your Brand & Marketing Strategy
May 2016 24

When marketing your company, your logo is the face of your business, and the first impression consumers and potential customers will receive when they interact with your brand for the first time. It is the basis of your company’s brand identity. When considering your company’s brand and marketing effectiveness make sure to evaluate what message your company logo is sending by understanding these 4 essential logo components.

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Spin Produces Treehouse TV Commercial to Help “Change the Future” for Youth in Foster Care
May 2016 16

For this assignment Spin created :30 and :60 TV commercials titled “Change the Future,” telling the story of one youth in foster care and illustrated Treehouse’s role in advocating for her education.

Our challenge was to tell a complex and multi-facted story in a very short amount of time. We did this through careful casting and a fast-paced narrative that follows our student across one tumultuous day.

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May 2016 09

For Spin’s Wave Business digital video ad campaign, the focus was on building awareness for the Wave Business brand. We were tasked with creating in-stream video ads with animated companion banner ads to drive traffic to custom landing pages.

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SpinSense: 4 Mistakes We Wish Video Marketers Would Stop Making
May 2016 03

As the digital sector continues to expand and develop, successful video marketing has been forced to follow its own Darwinian code of adapting or dying, and the results can be painful. Before agreeing to the production of a new video advertisement, here are 4 of the biggest mistakes companies need to stop allowing.

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