2016 March | Spin Creative
4 Tips to Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level
Mar 2016 30

Content marketers are constantly being faced with the dilemma of how to adapt their current video marketing strategies to outperform their competitors. Boost your company’s game and take it to the next level by following these four video marketing tips.

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The Power of Programmatic Advertising
Mar 2016 20

What Programmatic Advertising’s All About 

Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling media based on a set of rules applied by software and algorithms, which often includes a data layer that powers highly segmented targeting. It also removes operational complexities and superfluous middlemen (extra cost) in the execution of advertising campaigns.

Powered by technology and data, we can more efficiently apply advertising dollars on scalable yet highly targeted campaigns.

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How We Spin: Lisa Cooper, Senior Producer
Mar 2016 16

When she’s not managing video productions or organizing project budgets, Spin Creative Senior Producer Lisa Cooper spends her free time volunteering at the local men’s prison, writing, and drinking tea. We sat down for a brief Q&A with Spin Creative Seattle’s talented film aficionado.

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Feed the Spiders: 5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s SEO
Mar 2016 09

Search engine optimization (SEO), while essential to any company’s website performance, is often an overlooked component in a company’s business development strategy. Intimidated by the seemingly complex web woven by the Internet’s SEO ‘spiders’? Follow these 5 tips to improve your company’s searchability and credibility.

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Be the Bird: 3 Tips to Make Your Tweets Stand Out
Mar 2016 02

We get it: Twitter can come across as an overwhelming, rapidly moving social media platform. Avoid watching the Twittersphere flutter around your company by following these tips to ensure your tweets stand out from the flock.

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